Distributed Internet by the People

Mass Mesh is a volunteer-led organization that gives communities the tools they need to communicate securely online -- on their own terms.

* Not living in Massachusetts? Find your nearest community-owned network at jointhemesh.net.

Access Point Operators Wanted!

We're looking for volunteers willing to share their Internet connection with their neighbors! It's as easy as keeping a router plugged in, and is a huge help to our cause.
Please email us at info@massmesh.org if you're interested in volunteering as an access point host.

If you care about the Internet, we need your help!

Community mesh networks are an equitable alternative to Internet service providers. Mass Mesh uses off the shelf hardware and open source software to build community mesh networks right here in our own community. The software we use was chosen especially to protect your privacy with end-to-end encryption and respect net-neutrality by default. Out networks are just a small part of the global Yggdrasil network, which has hundreds of nodes scattered across the globe. There's even a similar mesh network in Toronto!

Unlike private or municipal networks, ownership of our network is distributed.

Every node we install together is necessary for the transmission of data. That means our true value is only realized together. Every node in our network operates in accordance with the Network Commons License.

Weekly Tech Meetups

Come meet the crew! These weekly meetings are unstructured, and are meant to simply get us all together as friends (both new and old!) Come ready to meet some incredible network engineers, and hopefully some kindred spirits. We're always looking to involve more people interested in helping us build our tech and our outreach strategy.

We meet every Tuesday at 7:00PM

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